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Who are we? is on a mission to deliver same day caught fresh fish and seafood free from any chemicals and preservatives. As per a recent study, fish and seafood which are currently reaching the households for domestic consumption are around 4-7 days old and are mixed with Ammonia and Formaldehyde to slow the degradation process and are bought in large quantities, stored in a frozen state by retailers and sold in small batches over a period of few weeks.

What do we do?

We buy daily caught fish and seafood directly from fishermen at docks/ponds/rivers and deliver it the same day to our customers without keeping them stored anywhere. We test the fish and seafood for presence of Ammonia and Formaldehyde by using Rapid Detection Kits developed by ICAR-CIFT and return the contaminated fish to the fishermen and subsequently blacklist them. Our products are unique as compared to the ones found in the market and the prices are highly competitive as compared to the market rates thus benefiting the customer.

Scope of business currently delivers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. It is run by professionals who have graduated from IITs, NIFTs and other Top International Business Schools.

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